Now here's one that's catching me out.

Someone I know has an Epox EP-6VBE, W98FE system running with a Celeron CPU chugging along at 500MHz (66.6x7.5).

He replaced the battery on the recommendation of his local PC guy after it started to lose time when powered off. Nothing strange about that, given the age of the system. It doesn't reset to 12:00 1/01/80 or anything like that, but would lose a few hours over a week of intermittent use. I measured it's voltage tonight following the same symptoms as before recurring and got no more than 0.7v. This battery was replaced with new in July this year. Short of replacing yet another battery, the third in a year, anyone got any ideas about this? What could cause drainage in this way?

I'm currently seeking a BIOS update for this, just in case.