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    printing tracked file (Word XP)

    I'm using Word XP on Windows XP. I'm tracking changes, but do not have the
    changes showing. When I try to print out a section it prints both the
    original and changed text. It does not print them as tracked changes with
    strike through and underlining, etc. It simply has the old text and the new
    text all there together - making a quite unreadable mess.

    In the "display for review" menu I have tried it with "final" and "final
    showing markup." I get the same results both ways.

    I don't want to accept the changes at this point because I'm not finished
    with edit and the client hasn't seen it. I just want to review this one
    revised section on hard copy. I know I could work around it by pasting the
    section into a new file and accepting all changes there. But I don't think I
    should have to use that cumbersome method just to get a clean printout.

    Is there some other step or menu selection I'm missing?

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    Re: printing tracked file (Word XP)

    That's a bit of a puzzle - in older versions of Word you could tell it not to print changes as a separate and distinct option, but it doesn't seem to exist in any of the settings I was able to find. There was a recent string of info about tracking changes in the WOW newsletters. You might check to see if there is anything there. Or perhaps one of the other loungers can shed some light on this.

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    Re: printing tracked file (Word XP)

    Hi Audrey:
    I haven't used XP, so I'm guessing a little. Take a look at your tracked changes options. Could it be that you have inserted text look the same as regular text? And deleted text as hidden with Tools/Options/Print tab/hidden checked? I'm just trying to think of combinations that might produce what you're experiencing.

    Funny, I never tried this before. In Word 2000, if you format deleted text as hidden & tick the Tools/Options/Print tab/hidden box, you'd think that you would see the deleted text in a printout. But you don't. Still, XP may be different. I couldn't find anything in the knowledge base.

    Hope this helps.

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