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    Envelope Wizard error

    Word 2000 from Office 2000 SR1a SP1 on Win2KProf SP1. I only noticed this problem after downloading the Win2K Security update from 30th January 2001 but reading the details of that update I don't think this is related.

    When I start the envelope Wizard, I immediately get an Error popup from Microsoft Visual Basic with the message "Component not correctly registered" If I press help on the popup, I get a help page titled "ActiveX component not correctly registered (Error 336)"

    i don't use this wizard a lot but I do know that it was working until recently. The only system change that I can think of was the Win2k security update.

    Has anyone got any thoughts on what has happened and how I can get out of this. Preferably without a complete deinstall and reinstall.

    Wild Bill

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    Re: Envelope Wizard error

    Since I don't use Win2K I can't suggest anything specific. Have you looked at WOPR 2000? I don't know that its Enveloper module uses the Envelope wizard at all.
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