I have a new CD-RW Drive (CyberDrive CW078D) that I have installed on a Dell8200 running WinXP. I am having lots of problems getting the software to recognize and write to CD-RW disks. This drive replaced an older HP CR-RW drive. I had the Roxio Easy CD 5.1 installed, but it was having problems reading the CD-RW disks. The new drive came with Nero Burning Rom 5.5, so I removed Easy CD and put Nero on, and got the latest update from the Ahead Web Site. Both Nero and InCD (the packet writer) were updated. I still have problems recognizing formatted CD-RW disks. These disks were all formatted with Roxio Easy CD. Does anyone know if there are format incompatibilities between Easy CD and Nero? I have tried reformatting the disks using Nero, but that does not seem to work either - the format runs, but the resulting disk is marked read only. My guess now is that this CD-RW hardware is not supported by the Nero InCD packet writer. What a mess! I may end up taking all the software off, and seeing what happens with the base XP software. Any advice for things to consider and/or to try? This technology sure seems to me as very fragile. I had lots of problems with the original Easy CD 5.0, and Roxio supprt has been pathetic. I basically want to be able to move files between my home PC and work PC (running Win2K and Easy CD 4).