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    Remove Autocomplete Entries (Excel XP)

    Does anybody know how to remove the autocomplete entries in Excel.

    The problem is this. I have a workbook which I want to save as a template. The workbook was full of data which I cleared before saving as a template. When I open a workbook based on the template as soon as I begin typing autocomplete springs into action offering me text from the deleted entries in the original workbook. I want to leave the autocomplete feature turned on but clear out any existing entries before saving a workbook as a template. I cannot find any way of doing this. Anybody got any ideas.

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    Re: Remove Autocomplete Entries (Excel XP)

    I am presuming that the number of rows in your template is not humongous. Format double the number of rows required in your test template. Delete the top half of the rows you used for testing, thereby leaving blank columns to be looked up until new data is inserted.
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