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    Word crashed&my file disappeared off my hard drive

    This may be the wrong forum to post this issue - it perhaps may need to be in Windows forum.

    I was working on a word template & word crashed with a winword.exe.
    at the time if the word crash - I was amending & re-defiing existing bookmarks.
    When I went to go into windows explorer - into my directory where my word template was stored to start working on the template again.
    The file was not in the directory & had completely vanished off my hard drive.
    (I did a search & no file was to be found)
    I managed to retrieve the contents of the template via a file saved as MS-Word Backup Document .wbk & also a .tmp file.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    How can this happen ie Word crashed & the file/template disappears off the face off their hard drives.
    Is there a directory(hidden) where windows may have stored this file? or via some 3rd party utility I can retrieve this file?
    I was speaking to the guys here & they mentioned that that particular sector on my hard disk is dodgy?
    any ideas? thanks in advance Diana

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    Re: Word crashed&my file disappeared off my hard drive

    I think someone posted a definitive response on this, but here's my rough understanding: the last "Save" should be saved as a .TMP file, and then the .TMP should be renamed to the "real" file. A rename requires that the document/template first be deleted. Perhaps the process was interrupted between these two steps

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