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    Autofill (Office 97 SR2)

    I hope someone can shed some light here. When autofilling using the mouse it is crashing the Excel and a total restart is needed. The user is clicking and dragging down to autofill and when she lifts her finger it has filled nothing and like I said earlier causes the machine to crash.

    Any thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Autofill (Office 97 SR2)

    There might be a problem with custom lists. These are stored (together with other costomizations) in a file with extension .xlb in the Windows folder. Depending on the installation it might be named Excel8.xlb or username8.xlb where username is the login name of the user.

    You might try the following:
    1. <LI>Make sure Excel is not active.
      <LI>In Windows Explorer, rename the .xlb file.
      <LI>Start Excel (some customizations will be lost) and try autofill.
      <LI>Quit Excel. A new .xlb file should appear in the Windows folder (unless Excel crashed again).
      <LI>If this was successful, delete the old .xlb file; the user will have to restore other customizations manually.
      <LI>If it wasn't, delete the new .xlb file (if there is one) and rename the old .xlb file back.
    Let us know what happens.

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