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    Back to DOS (system) (Excel 97)

    I'd like to include into a macro a DOS command that deletes specific files stored in C:Temp. Something like what I started below

    Sub DeleteC_Temp_StatsDOR()
    ChDir "C:TEMP"
    Del "C:tempStore stat*.xls"
    Del "C:tempDOR E-Mail*.xls"
    End Sub

    These are files which I receive daily and link to for certain cell values. But my formulas get confused when Excel adds a "1" to the back of the filename if I haven't first deleted the previous C:Temp file.

    THX in advance for your assistance.

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    Re: Back to DOS (system) (Excel 97)

    In VBA, the equivalent instructions would be:

    ChDrive "C"
    ChDir "C:Temp"
    Kill "Store stat*.xls"
    Kill "DOR E-Mail*.xls"

    But if you specify a path in Kill, you don't need ChDrive and ChDir:

    Kill "C:TempStore stat*.xls"
    Kill "C:TempDOR E-Mail*.xls"

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