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    Flashing (XP Pro)

    Well I flashed the BIOS on my wife's Dell 3700 . Man dell makes flashing easy. You download the file to your HD put in a floppy press enter a couple of times, reboot, push enter 0r Y a couple of times it erases the old and puts it the new and reboots, and its done! Why can't everybody else make it that easy?

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    Re: Flashing (XP Pro)

    You're a lucky dude, Cowboy! Don't ever look behind you on the subject of flashing a BIOS, however, 'cause (as Satchel said) somebody may be gaining on ya! Most others I've done have been about that easy too, but there will always be that ONE time when something hiccups and you end up with a ruined motherboard on your hands. Keep your fingers crossed the NEXT time too. Glad to see it worked so well for you and Dell.

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