I hope I'm not pushing my luck tonight, having gone 2 for 2 so far, but here goes: On my 98/ME systems I had NoteTab installed, using the option to 'Replace MS Notepad'. Any file that the OS would have opened with Notepad would instead be opened with NoteTab - a slightly larger, but by far more versatile program without the size limitations imposed on Notepad.
<hr>Quoted from the NoteTab FAQ
2. Can I replace Notepad with this editor?
Yes! If NoteTab is correctly installed, you will find a command called "Replace MS Notepad" under the Help menu. When you choose that command, NoteTab will first rename Notepad by adding the extension ".MS" to the program file. Then, it will copy a special little program called NOTEPAD.EXE to the Windows directory. Whenever this program is executed, it launches NoteTab instead of Notepad. If you want to restore MS Notepad after this operation, just use the command "Restore MS Notepad", which is also available under the Help menu.
I installed NoteTab and tried to use this feature but W2K blocked every attempt with warnings about the Windows File System not accepting the change (or something similar; I'm working from memory now, but I can grab a screen shot in the morning). All other program features work as usual. There are no other warnings or issues noted concerning operating under W2K. My userid has full Administrator/Power User privileges.