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    Browser Blown Away

    This one's really weird.

    Our Help Desk has been working on setting up a new Dell PC for one of my users for the past several days.

    We are trying to access an Oracle web application using a static.html file. (Static means the user accesses only one .html file and the whole app runs from there)

    We've set up 3 users on the PC with Admin priviledges (we've also checked their login scripts and network security). Two users are easily able to get into the application. When the third user hits IE's "GO" button, Explorer immediately disappears (no longer running on the Task Bar either).

    We've tried everything (except the right thing) to get this one user working.

    We also tried, as nearly as possible, to do the same thing on a Win98 machine and all three of us easily access the application.

    I'm cross posting this to the Internet Explorer section in case the solution resides there.

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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    Re: Browser Blown Away

    I see the other post has got an reply, so I'll lock this one to prevent diverging or parallel threads.

    Please reply here . . .

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