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    Critical Path on Consolidated Plan (98/SR-1) (98/SR-1)

    I am wanting to get the Critical Path for my entire program which includes 5 plans. I have consolidated the 5 plans using "Consolidating Projects with New Window Command". When I tried to use the MS Wizard it gives me the Critical Path broken up by each of the plans that I have inserted into the Consolidated Plan. Is there an easy way to now get my Critical Path for the entire program?

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    Re: Critical Path on Consolidated Plan (98/SR-1) (98/SR-1)

    There are some questions that first must be asked. You consolidated 5 schedules into one. However, are there any inter project links such that one project drives the next. If not, you will essentially have 5 critical paths.

    If you want to get one critical path, then each plan should be driven by a prior plan.

    Another option may be to run a filter on the entire program where your total float is <0. This will show all tasks that are critical and eliminate any non-critical tasks.


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