Sony has posted a number of video tutorials for performing certain configuration tasks on various flavors of Windows. I viewed a few Windows 2000 ones, and they showed me things I hadn't noticed before, but they really take their time. <img src=/S/yawn.gif border=0 alt=yawn width=15 height=15> These are for people who want or need the visual, click by click, and not for people looking for a quick textual answer. You might find some of them useful in your support duties.

Welcome to the Sony Automated Tutorials Page!!

The tutorials require Java to be enabled. They were created with ViewletBuilder 2, a slick program for knitting together screen shots and/or imported graphics into little presentations. The new version, ViewletBuilder 3 (which has a freely downloadable version for Windows), can output Flash movies, which should ensure that tutorials will run on later versions of IE that do not come with a Java Virtual Machine.