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    Splitting resources within projects (2000)

    A function/department within my company wishes to record resources at a group level e.g. A team of 3 people with max units 260% with the group name appearing within the resources column. The issue is confused by a member of the particular department only working part-time hours e.g. 60% (where the hours are not evenly spread across the week). Without creating a separate calendar for the part-time resource how do I accurately record holidays/sickness for any member of the group whilst reflecting the effect throughout my project? If individual calendars are necessary how can I assign a group, rather than an individual, as a resource to complete a task?

    A separate issue - I have created individual resources for a department containing 3 people. There is a requirement for these three people to apportion 25% of their total time per week to activities contained within a project (A). Therefore, I created an additional set of resources and set the 'max units' column to be 25%. The original set of resources was changed to reflect 75% (for use in additional projects).
    I require this functionality to reflect flexible changes in the percentage of hours the department manager wishes to assign to project A as a total. Once these overall/resource sheet max units are changed I hope that this will reflect the effect on any project using this departments resource.

    When assigning resources within Project A:-
    I have a fixed work task
    I want to be able to assign 1 person at 100% or say, 2 at 50% each
    To enable the project to finish sooner, I want to be able to increase the total % of time allocated to Project A, from 25% to say 40% and hence the original set of resources (available for other projects) would be reduced from 75% to 60%.
    I would like the fixed work task to be completed sooner as more time has been allocated to the project (i.e.. now 40% instead of 25%)
    I want other projects/tasks within the other projects to take longer as the original set of resources has been reduced (from 75% to 60%)
    I want all of these changes to other projects to be automatically reflected.

    Is this possible?

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    Re: Splitting resources within projects (2000)

    The following applies to your first paragraph:

    If a member is only available 60% of the time, you do not need to set up a separate calendar unless this person is only available on certain days. Just change the maximum units available on the resource sheet for that person to 60%.

    As to recording holidays: You would set up a standard calendar that has the holidays defined for the project to reflect holidays.

    As to sickness: Why would you record sick time in your schedule? If a person didn't work, then their actual hours for the task for that timeperiod would be reduced or zero. If the task is effort driven, since no effort was used, the task would take longer to complete. If you try to input sick time as a number, the schedule will think that these hours were consumed. If you must track sick time, try inserting a task as sick time that does not drive anything in the schedule and track hours there. (I still don't see why you would do this, but that is just my opinion) <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

    As to individual calendars: I don't see why you would need these.

    I will need to re-read your second issue to better understand it and will try to get back to you later.


    (It's been a while!)

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