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    Automation problem (97/2000)

    Trying to automate a WORD-form (no VBA).

    Created Form dropdown; user selects language; result into bookmark (this part works).

    Then I want text-fields to automatically update according to the language selected... So I created the following field:

    { IF Bookmark_Name = "English" "Type your name" "Tik uw naam"}

    Idea is that if the selected language is English (which IS the value of the bookmark); the field will show "Type your name" else it shows the Dutch version of that...


    1. The results are always false (so the field always shows the Dutch result)
    2. I don't think they update (if I update manually; the effect of point 1 however remains)

    Where did I go wrong???

    Erik Jan

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    Re: Automation problem (97/2000)

    Erik Jan,

    You should do two things:

    (1) Double click the dropdown list (while the document is unlocked) and check the "Calculate on Exit" ("Berekenen bij afsluiten") box.

    (2) The reference to the bookmark should be a field. Select Bookmark_Name and type Ctrl+F9. This will surround the bookmark name in brackets; you mustn't type those yourself. You can hide the field code the usual way.

    Note: the IF field won't update while the user selects a language in the dropdown. It'll happen when the user exits the dropdown by tabbing out of it or clicking elsewhere.


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