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    Print Font size couple to IE??? (OL 2002)

    If I set the screen font size to large in IE 6.0 and then go print an email in OL, the email, while it hasn't changed in screen size, prints with a large font.

    (It's also true that if the font is set to large, IE pages print with a larger font....)

    How do I prevent the OL print font (and also the IE) from changing when I print???

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    Re: Print Font size couple to IE??? (OL 2002)

    I think IE tries to be consistent if it can, and it depends on the way the HTML was sized (e.g., with FONT tags that use relative measurements or with STYLE tags that use precise point sizes). I don't think there is a good, consistent workaround, other than setting the Text Size back to Medium before printing. (Actually, the Accessibility options in IE let you force all pages to use a custom style sheet, but that sounds like a LOT of work).

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