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    I would like to know if anyone knows how to setup a website with a Start Page (ie: Enter) and then go to a home page. I see different websites use this concept, but I don't understand how they did it when you can only setup one page as index. I would like a user to hit the website Startup/Enter page and then go to the home page and not return to the Startup/Enter page again on that visit. No passwords or anything else, I just want to start with a cool animated jif and a enter button then go to the home page. Any suggestions or ideas would be a great help.

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    Re: Start / Index Page

    I think there are two issues here. (1) Make sure all your internal links to the "home" page go to the second page. (2) Detect whether the user has seen your (insert adjective - wonderful, time-wasting) opening page today.

    For (2), you might need to set and read a cookie. You can do this with JavaScript, as follows:

    In the <HEAD> portion of your index or default page, including something like the following (this assumes your "real" home page is named "home.html"):

    <pre><SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    // Read all cookies set by this server
    var ourCookies = document.cookie;
    // Check for the 'SeenHome' cookie
    var seenPosition = ourCookies.indexOf("SeenHome=")
    // If this cookie has been set, whisk user to next page
    if (seenPosition > -1) {
    // location.replace prevents users from going back
    else {
    // set a session cookie
    document.cookie = "SeenHome = True";

    FrontPage is kind of touchy about pasting tags into the HTML view, so you might find it easier to use Normal view, Insert|Advanced|HTML, then flip over the HTML view and move the entire block into the <HEAD> section, just to ensure that it doesn't appear on the page.

    Finally, remember that JavaScript is case sensitive, so edit carefully!

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