A co-worker has a new Dell Latitude C610 (no docking station/replicator). This laptop is to be used for both work and his MBA program. He set up the machine with the LCD as the primary and an external monitor as the secondary display. The next day when he fired up his machine the LCD was blank and the CRT showed his desktop. We went into his settings and the CRT was now the primary display and the LCD was showing not connected. We adjusted everything back to how it was originally set up and the next day again his settings had changed.

We loaded up the latest drivers for the ATI Radeon Mobility and still the settings change each time the computer is started. Also of note is that in the Device Manager/Monitor there are multiple instances of Default Monitor showing. All of these entries had the same properties information so we tried to delete all but one of these but the default monitor keeps regenerating.

I have been searching the web for information that may shed some light on this but have found nada. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.