And yes I do enjoy my food, some more than others.
I believe there is nothing better than properly made bread, i.e. one that has a crust, is close textured, and lasts more than half a day when cut. I'm lucky we have a French bakery with a few minutes drive, so I can indulge.
My favourite summertime BBQ entree is their Baguette, drizzled with oil, then warmed in the oven. (Don't make it crisp). On top of this put cubes of fresh tomatoe, chopped garlic and freshly chopped basil.
You get the lovely warm olive taste, offset with the coolness of tomatoes, the pungency of the garlic and finished off with the fresh sweetness of the basil. THe only problem is that this titillates the tastebuds so well that you need to BBQ extra food.
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