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    Importing Pics from Word

    I am using Office 97. There are 10 photos in a word document that I wanted to put in a powerpoint presentation. The word doc is just over 1MB in size. I copied each photo to the clipboard and pasted them 1 by 1 into powerpoint. The resulting powerpoint presentation (10 slides, 1 photo on each slide) is almost 40MB!!! Why are the same photos now 40x larger, and how can I make the ppt file smaller? Thanks!

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    Re: Importing Pics from Word

    While I am not sure why your file grew so large, you can try this alternate method.
    Instead of copying and pasting, open the Word document, and select File/Send To/ Microsoft PowerPoint. This may produce your presentation in a reasonable size.

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    Re: Importing Pics from Word


    Something else you *may* try.

    This works OK in Word, I don't know so much in Powerpoint.

    Edit the pictures usin Paintshop pro or MS Photodraw. Cut the colour palette to the minimum which still gives you a good colour picture. Save the pictures as "gif" format, then insert the saved pictures into PP. Or try again saving as JPeg.
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