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    Export Excel to PowerPoint (Excel 2000)

    Hi all,
    I've written many complicated Excel VBA apps and someone just proposed yet another idea to me regarding Power Point. I've never used Excel VBA to talk to any other object (Word, PP, etc.) so I don't know what's possible. <img src=/S/hmmn.gif border=0 alt=hmmn width=15 height=15>

    I'd like the ability to generate (export?) a PP slide from Excel. So Excel has the data that I want to show on a PP slide (this would also include a few Excel graphs). I do not want the data to be linked back to Excel, it's all static.

    Right now the people run my various Excel models, generate all the fancy data and graphs and then they have to manually do screen shots or use clipboard to copy/paste data/graphs into PP. It would save tons of time if I could at least auto-generate some of these slides. All they would suppy me is the name of the new PP file, I'd then output a fixed set of data from all the various worksheets/tables/charts, etc.

    Any clues on how to do this? How 'bout some sample code to talk to PP via Excel?

    To all the US folks here... have a great 3 day weekend (I'll try and not stay glued to my computer as I usually do). <img src=/S/hugs.gif border=0 alt=hugs width=41 height=25>

    Deb <img src=/S/yadda.gif border=0 alt=yadda width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Export Excel to PowerPoint (Excel 2000)

    Deb, this thread should get you started. --Sam
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