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    Outlook 2000 Rules Wizard Doesn't Work Correctly (Outlook 2000)

    Using the Rules Wizard, I created a couple of rules to route my incoming mail to a 'Newsletters' folder and a 'Junk Senders' folder.
    I've listed the logic for both of them below. They're listed in the order of execution:

    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    From [the e-mail addresses of the sending Newsletters]
    Move it to the Newsletters Folder

    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    Where my name is not in the TO Box
    move it to the Junk Senders folder

    When I run this rule set, I receive DUPLICATES of the both my newsletters and junk e-mails
    in BOTH my Newsletters and Junk Senders folders. It's clear that the JUNK SENDERS
    rule is acting upon the newsletters e-mails (the newsletters are addressed to a generic mailing address,
    not to me). My understanding was that
    Outlook is supposed to process the rules in order, and as such the JUNK SENDERS rule
    should not even see the e-mails from my newsletters (they would have already been moved
    out of the Inbox). What's going on?

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    Re: Outlook 2000 Rules Wizard Doesn't Work Correctly (Outlook 2000)

    Seems it shouldn't be necessary to do this, but you could add the instruction not to process any more rules after you move it:
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