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    Well...they USED to run...

    I just got a laptop and installed Win2k on it as soon as I got it. Did a full wipe, repartition, & format first: I want to dual boot into Linux, eventually.

    I had installed _just_ MS Office 97 & MS Outlook 98 (had a bit of fun installing Outlook, but no problems since...until now). These, and everything that installs w/ Win2k, were all running fine; the stuff I had installed separately was just _starting_ very slowly.

    I decided to try installing a game I had been running, with little trouble, under Win98: Rainbow Six. It installed OK and I rebooted (just to be sure) before I tried it. I activate either the shortcut or the executable, directly, and it doesn't work. It doesn't matter if I double-click, highlight-and-press-ENTER, or whatever...I get the same result: about three seconds of "hourglass-mouse-pointer" (about long enough to launch the Splash screen) and then nothing. I checked the task manager and I sometimes find a process (Winword, for example) but most times I find nothing listed there.


    Just before starting this post, I tried to activate Outlook to see if it was still happenning (it did, w/ nothing in the Task Manager) and Outlook just popped up its logon Dialog Box (It's installed as Corporate)...after about five minutes. Let's see what happens...

    Okay. the Outlook logon process went fine - and now Outlook should open up as you might normally see...after about 3 more seconds. It's five MORE minutes later, and the program itself - now that it knows what Profile I want to use - is still not loaded.

    So program loads have gone to kind-of-annoying slow (30 seconds or so) to holy-(*&(*&^~!-what's-taking-so-long slow (more than 10 minutes, so far. I've been checking my systems Performance - under the Task Manager - and it's showing both CPU and memory usage at very low percentages.

    I guess I have two questions.
    1. Anybody out there got a clue as to what's going on?
    2. Is this something explicitly covered in Woody's Win2k book (slow, REALLY-slow, and won't-go programs)?

    Thanks, all.

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    Re: Well...they USED to run...

    <hr>I just got a laptop and installed Win2k on it as soon as I got it<hr>
    Did you down load ALL of the 2K drivers and software from the maker of this laptop? If not, you will most likely be having all kinds of issues.

    If you do NOT have the drivers needed for this laptop model and 2K you are going to have problems. The ONLY drivers that you should be using are the ones [rovided by the laptop maker. The ones you are running are the ones from the 2K Cd and are generic in nature.

    As for games running on 2k, good luck, it was NOT designed for games and a LOT will NOT run.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    Re: Well...they USED to run...

    In addition to what Dave said about drivers, Win2k is not the most game friendly OS. You may have to try the Win2k compatibility modes to see if it will run. You may be out of luck. You could try looking in the MS newsgroups for Win2k to see if there is any mention of your game in particular. Or contact the game manufacturer.


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