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I've just installed what I think is some great encryption software. I want to encrypt files when I send them as attachments. The program is called AEP2002 Pro (Advanced Encryption Program) - http://www.secureaction.com.

Anyway, tested out the trial and thought it was perect for my needs. I have since purchaed and registered online so now have a licenced copy.

After my initial testing of the product and before I received the unlock code from my registration the program came up with an error message saying an unknown error had occurred when accessing the folder where the file I wanted to ecrypt was located. I was creating self-generated exe programs out of these files. Everything else seemed to work but this feature (basic encryption, shredding, deleting, etc). Then the program got worse - it would load but minimise to the taskbar and I was unable to access it all.

I emailed the vendor and while waiting searched around for my own answers. I found a work-around - whereby I ran regedit and removed the software (AEP2002 Pro). This worked and the program could be used again. I also clicked on the link the vendor had sent which automatically changes the system files to licence the program.

I tested the program again but unfortunately the original problem has started occurring again. Every time this happens I have to use regedit, delete the program, it comes up as unregistered copy, then I re-register it, and it works only for about 6 excutions and then the error message comes up again.

I know this is really long-winded but I do not know the correct terminology and thought it best to spell out the entire problem.

This problem happens whether I am using the trial version or the registered version. Am getting pretty frustrated and the vendor has been unable to help so far.

Can anyone offer any advice?