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Thread: Shell32.dll

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    A colleague asked if I could take a look at her home PC as her partner had been kind enough to delete some files from it.

    It seems that he managed to remove Shell32.dll. Can I just copy this from another machine ?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm no windows expert and as I don't know what the file does, wondered if it was possible.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Shell32.dll

    You can, or at least should, be able to - but this file can change verssion with upgrades, Internet Explorer being one of those. If you can find the original Windows 95 CD, it may not be a bad idea to run the setup program right over the top of the existing installation. Who knows what else may be missing?

    Good luck - and post back if you run into anything weird.

    Just for grins....this reminded me of something I read on Computer Stupidities....

    <hr>A friend of mine had an old system with a small hard drive and not much memory, so she continued to use Windows 3.1 rather than suffer under the strain of Windows 95/98.

    She called me one day to help her because her computer will no longer run Windows. Past experience had taught me most of her computer problems were self-inflicted, so I asked her what she had done to the computer recently.

    Her: "Well, I needed more space from the hard drive so I could get more JPGs and WAVs from my friends on mIRC."
    Me: "Ok, so what did you do?"
    Her: "I just deleted all the blank files from my computer."
    Me: "Blank files?"
    Her: "Yes, blank files. I deleted tham all."
    Me: "What exactly is a blank file?"
    Her: "When you run File Manager, every file shows a picture. I just deleted all the ones with the blank page picture."
    Say goodbye to every .DLL and unassociated file on her system. She was somewhat indignant when she found out she would have to find some Windows 3.1 install diskettes and reinstall every piece of software she wanted to use.<hr>

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