I have found to get a better understanding of what the "Image Name" stands for of the Processes you might have running in Task Manager, in addition to help from sites like Black Viper's that if you type "msinfo32" into the command line/run box (Hit Windows Key + "r " key to bring it up faster than the Start Menu) without the quotes, and select "Services" and/or "Running Tasks" from the lists you'll get identity information and some origin information from the various tasks whose abbreviations you might not know. Using View>Select Columns will allow you to select displays of useful information but it won't give you the info that "msinfo32" can.

You can also get there through Start Menu>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information (Takes longer) or you can short cut any of the SystemTools including this one to the desktop and drag it to your quick start if you want to reach it this way.

Also you will get their file paths which can be useful in searching for them and locating their files.