I have just reinstalled Outlook after an OS upgrade to WinXP Pro V5.1.2600.
I think I have mastered the customization of views in Outlook & generally I use the Preview Pane to read selected msgs.
I have two specific problems I cannot fix:
1) The msg displayed in the lower pane displays in a consistent font which is far too small, no changes I make have any effect.
2) The Explorer like Folder list on LHS of screen uses a font larger than needed. again I seem unable to change.

Display settings are:
17 inch Screen resolution is set at 1024 x 768.
Refresh Rate 75Hz
DPI: Normal 96dpi

I am particular about how my screen appears & that all fonts are just right so that I am not continually straining with my reading glasses.
On a somewhat different subject many of the drop down dialoge boxes I encounter are so small I use a magnifying glass kept at hand.
Pity MS can not do something consistent to help those visually challenged at a level not requiring the special options for those seriously impaired.

Any help greatly appreciated.