I have discovered something which confused the hell out of me and I want to pass along. In Outlook help, looking for vba info, sometimes I get info from file outlhlp9.chm and sometimes I get help from file vbaoutl9.chm and sometimes from vbaoff9.chm. The way I discovered this was looking at the footer that I only get when I print from help. The info from vbaoff9 about Command Bars is not applicable to Outlook, and the code examples given result in errors. This could be true for other things that are not the same in Outlook vba and general Office vba. I got extremely frustrated until I discovered by accident that Outlook help sometimes gives you general Office vba help that is not correct for Outlook, and does not tell you! To make sure I am looking only at Outlook vba help, I find vbaoutl9 and double click on it. I think this help file may jump to other help files, but at least I know I started with the right help file.