One of our members writes:

"How do I install Office 97 Pro and SR-1 on my WinXP Pro Toshiba 3000-S304? I have successfully installed MS Office 97 Pro with SR-1 built in. However, when I attempt to install SR-2, it first warns:

| Before continuing with a shared network installation, |note the following:
|Be sure setup is using the same copy of Shared Windows |that others will use, and that there is write access to |the Shared Windows folder.
|Users should not have access to the system during a |network installation.

I simply clicked OK, and next a dialogue Browse box appears asking where the .stf file is. I did a search, and found C:Program FilesMicrosof OfficeOfficeSetupoff97pro.stf, and navigated the Browse box to it.

It carries on briefly, then another dialogue Browse box appears requesting that I "Open INF for Patch". I cannot find what seems to be an appropriate INF file.

I have installed both SR-1 and SR-2 on another copy of Off97 Pro on Win95 and Win98 machines, as well as SR-2 on this SR-1 copy of Off97 with no glitches numerous times. I have always run the SR installations in quiet (using the: /q /c:"sr2patch /q" parameter that I have always used).

In WinXP, I am logged on as the default administrator when attempting this installation, as I was when I installed Off97 with SR-1.

I am new to dealing with network issues, so I am completely stumped. I have not been able to find specific instructions on the MS web site for installing Off97 on WinXP Pro. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated."

TIA for your help.

Bob Wahlen