I've noticed a strange phenomenon in FrontPage 2002 (and I suspect it exists in other versions).

I made substantial changes to a site that was to be published to a Linux server, which of course is case sensitive. This entailed editing the document in HTML view, and coverting some URL tags (and other items) to lowercase names for consistency. Looked OK, so I published just that page and all was well.

I then made modifications elsewhere in the web, and when I published again, the original UPPERCASE markup returned in the INDEX.HTM. If not a bug, this is a rather irritating problem. So that's issue #1 - why it changed my code back to the previous version I don't know. Eventually it "took" and kept it that way.

What I would like to ultimately accomplish is to find a way to force FrontPage to convert all directory names to lowercase and also change the associated markup throughout the web as well. Thus far I've used the "replace" function to perform this and it seems to work fairly well - but the supposed compatibility with Apache servers is far from useful. Can FrontPage validate code for an Apache server, or is there a utility that will do it for me?