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    Copy/Paste/Import PDF into Word (97 SR2 or XP)

    How can I get an Acrobat 5.0 pdf file into a Word document. I don't want it to be editable - I want it to stay formatted like PDF or a picture. I used to be able to do this with Acrobat 3.0pdf files by using Paste/Special. Now, all I get is an icon or if I just use Paste, I get the unformatted text. Any ideas??

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    Re: Copy/Paste/Import PDF into Word (97 SR2 or XP)

    Hi Melanie,

    There's a couple of ways, both of which involve inserting the pdf file as a graphic.

    One, if the pdf is protected, involves Alt|Print Screen, then pasting the graphic from the clipboard into Word. You can then crop it there, or you can paste it into Paint for editing before pasting the required portion into Word. This can get a bit tedious if you want more than one screen-full of information, though.

    The other, for copying blocks from an unprotected pdf is:
    1. Open your PDF document in the Acrobat reader.
    2. Select the area that you want to use by:
    a. On the Acrobat toolbar, click and hold the mouse on the Select Tool button. This is the button immediately to the right of the Zoom in Tool (Z) button. Then click the Graphics Select Tool (V) toolbar button.
    b. Click and drag the cross-hair mouse pointer (the cross-hair mouse pointer is a large plus sign [+]) around the picture or graphic that you want to copy.
    3. On the Edit menu, click Copy.
    4. In Microsoft Word, click Paste on the Edit menu.


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