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    Word Fillin Field template - need to add a next (Word 2000)

    I created a template in Word 2000 usinfg the word filling field. Upon dubbling cliucking on the template a series of questions come up (about 90 question). The problem here is some one to put in a previous and next feature in the dialog box. How is this done. I have no knowledge of VB, so is there a way I could do this with VB any help would be greatlt appreciated. Thanks. I doubt I explained myself clearly so I decided to to attached the file
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    Re: Word Fillin Field template - need to add a next (Word 2000)

    To create a nice interface you will need to become familiar with creating a UserForm in the Visual Basic Editor. It can take quite a bit of fidding to make really nice-looking UserForms, which is another way of saying that if you haven't done it before, you need to figure on a couple of days (nights?) of making it work just right.

    Without trying to be completely comprehensive, the project would involve the following steps:

    1. <LI>Develop your data collection design. You probably will want to group related information together on each panel of the dialog/wizard, rather than having the user click Next 90 times! Also, consider whether some information is related or duplicated; duplicate entries should never be required.
      <LI>Develop your form layout. Although you could use tabs, I find those really hard to set up. Instead, I am more inclined to create a number of separate UserForms of identical size and button layout, and fill each one with the relevant textboxes (blank entry spaces) and other controls. You can presents lists, pop up other windows; you have a lot of options, but of course, bells and whistles add more time to your project.
      <LI>Figure out how to get the data into the document. Unlike a FILLIN field, the information collected in a UserForm is not automatically inserted into the document. You need to identify the proper insertion point, typically with a bookmark, and then, using Visual Basic for Applications code, insert the information into the document "at" the bookmark.
      <LI>Figure out whether and how to preserve previously input information. This might or might not apply to your form.
      <LI>Test, test, test. You'd be amazed at the number of ways this can go wrong!
    I don't want to sound too discouraging: these kinds of projects can be a lot of fun. But given the large amount of data you are trying to collect, I'm not sure that pop-up boxes of any kind are the most efficient approach. Consider the alternative of a table at the beginning of the document, consisting of a "caption" column and a "data" column, in a separate section (so it doesn't mess up the pagination). You can bookmark the data cell contents and then, in the document, use REF fields to copy the information to the appropriate locations. You can protect this second section of the document to prevent manual overrides.

    I'm sure the forms gurus (I'm definitely not!) will have more suggestions. Hope this helps.

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