I've added templates to my installation of Office 2000 (SR-1a). They're in C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeTemplates. When I try to select the templates in the New presentation dialog, a tab shows up for the directory of the templates, but no files are listed on it. I can click where the names should appear, and select the templates, but I'd like to see the names before I click on them, instead of having to guess. I've tried changing color schemes and that doesn't work. I've tried uncompressing the templates directory (My C drive is NTFS and compressed by default. I don't have a FAT32 drive on this laptop, so I haven't tried that, and converting back to FAT32 is not an option right now) and that didn't work. The default templates (atrsy.pot et al) do show up in their tab.

My computer specs:
PIII laptop running Win 2000 Pro (w/ SP-1)
Office 2000 Developer (new install not upgraded from earlier versions) w/SR-1a

Anybody have any ideas?