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    Addressee problem: (2000/SR-1)

    This is a challenging one. Some, but not all, of the addresses in the address book are not functioning properly. If I type in the first name, I get the last name autofilling along with the dashed green line . That is ok so far. If I right click on properties, I get the following: "The name or distribution list has been deleted and is no longer a valid Address Book entry." I discovered the problem when email recipients notified me that they were not receiving my emails. I can work around the issue by entering the person's last name or email address, but I would still like to resolve the problem. Some things I've tried included:

    1. Deleting and re-entering the contact.
    2. Repair function from the original CD.
    3. Looked for answers on MS website and Outlook help menus.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Addressee problem: (2000/SR-1)

    There is a "nicknames" file that stores the mapping from whatever short string you entered to the old address book entry. Elsewhere on this board, Mary J has explained how to get rid of or edit your nicknames file.

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