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    Data Entry Forms (Windows 2000 OP)

    I'm working on building a web-based uploadable/downloadable database spreadsheet for a client to capture information about individual projects. The client wants a data entry form that will automatically open when a button icon is "pushed". I have no problem setting up the icon and recording the macro that opens up the standard data entry form from Excel's Data menu. The problem is that the form is not contained entirely on the screen at resolutions less than 1024 by 768 pixels. I use this resolution setting on my computer and the data entry form opens up just fine, allowing me to read everything at once. The client's computer is set to 800 by 600 and the form will not open up completely on his screen. I tried resetting my screen resolution and then rebuilding the macro to open Excel's standard data entry form, but this did not change the size of the data entry form; you are still not able to see the entire form on the screen at one time.

    Is there any way to resize the standard data entry form in Excell? I know it can be done for a manually created data entry form but as yet, I have not found a way to edit any attributes of the standard form. Anyone know of a way to do this? Building a data entry form "from scratch" is not an option given my timeframe (unless there is an easier way to to this......)

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    Re: Data Entry Forms (Windows 2000 OP)

    Sub ResizeForm()
    ActiveSheet.ShowDataForm.Resize:= XlRealsmall
    End Sub

    Just kiddin'! I don't know of any way to resize a dialog box. I have noticed in the past the DataForm having unworkable limitations, however. It states 32 fields as a cap, which is bad enough, but if the field labels are too long, the limitation can be lower.

    I guess live and learn, since it doesn't help you now, but I've learned the hard way too to always design my projects in 800x600 resolution since it is still the standard according to CIW (believe it or not). That, and don't rely on the built in DataForm.

    You must be working with a large table for it not to fit. Can you break it up for now or reduce the size of the labels? Later you can upgrade them to a spreadsheet that has a better form built into it. My clients get upgrades quite frequently. I write a macro that transfers their data over to the new version.


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