The IE toolbar in IE6, 5.5, 5.0 and possibly further back has "Send as a link" on the file drop down. This worked in 98, ME, XP RC1, XP RC2, but not in XP Home or Pro. Instead your web page will be sent as an attachment. It does not matter which of the four options available on the pulldown on the Tools>Internet Options>Programs Tab you select--the result is the same. It won't send as a link.. I searched for this but couldn't find it if it's been posted--one person I worked on a problem with from MS Research suggested that a dll was left out or modified in RTM (Version 5.1 Build 2600.x) and that some XML functionality or some programming in anticipation of later .net features might have caused this, but he wasn't certain. There is no KB reference to this I can find, and no mention in either the XP or IE6 Resource kits--or any of the many XP books where I tried to find the answer. I posted this here, rather than in IE because this 'functionality' was present until the final release. I ran RC1 and could do it, and others with RC2 boxes said they could do it. I did find this--the problem has been posted on several boards, and many times with no real answer:

WinXP/IE6/Send a Link from Exodus Development

Does anyone know what's up with this change and the easiest fix? I am glad M$ is studying it.

With all respect due, it would seem the developers could have gone to the toolbar and tried every item on the pulldowns. It doesn't make sense they would intentionally leave out send as a link. Sure you can paste, but it's a bit slower and you have to open up some email.