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    unrelated info in a report (2000)

    This may be easy but I cannot figure it out.
    I want to add a user selected date and another user selected word (one of two possible) to a report at runtime. I'd like to use the activeX calender for the date and a toggle button for the word. These are not fields in the particular query used in the report. I could add them but I want to do this to five different reports and would like to pull the data directly from the table if possible. I created a form with these controls and they work fine. I cannot get the variables in my report though. When the user wants to print the report, I'd like the form to open to accept the user selected date and word. When done I'd like the report to open in Preview with the date and word in the proper fields.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: unrelated info in a report (2000)

    How are you trying to do it? All you need do is to set the controlsource for the textboxes on the report to a reference to the appropriate controls on the form (i.e., =Forms!MyForm!ThisControl), but you do have to keep the form open so that the report can read from it.

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