I have a little problem and am probably overlooking a simple answer.
I have a XP Pro machine (AMD 1.3 [running at 1.0 - don't ask all I can say is Tyan], 512 MD SD-RAM, ..) I have not been able to get ICS to wok right yet. I tried connecting ME, 2k and 98SE machines with no luck. Last night I re set up the complete ICS on the XP Pro (Host) and installed (via the floppy created by XP) ICS on a fresh install of ME. The ME machine will force the XP machine to dial and connect, however the ME machine will not connect via the browser. Clicking on the ICS icon on the ME machine systray I show connected, however, opening IE 6 or Mozilla all I get is page not available stuff. I tried Mozilla as a "justa" thing (as in I was Justa hoping). I went into the ME IE tools and connection and tried "LAN Settings" but had no luck. Any ideas?