New Palm Viiie in Jan. CD install done. No hot synch. Called Palm; woman gave me a report #, took me into regedit to remove CD install; told me to go to their web site "tomorrow! Use Support/V.4 install." Ok-did that; when instructed to click on the .exe my computer crashed. Took MS tech support and IBM guru friend 7 hours to get my computer back up; all cache probably, is gone: e-mail; address book; desktop. Drives ok. Grrrr. We tried it again-CRASH! No computer; no energy, nutin. Same hours getting me back up, etc. IBM guru friend tried - same problem but he stopped it from from crashing. Did I try to reach Palm again? Ohhhh yes, 19 e-mails and 11 phone attempts with busy signals only. Emails will drive me nuts - they are auto responses (for which I fired my web server company!!). Now, I'm stuck. Palm with data; fading (what does that mean?); small print - can't see it anyway; and the battery latch has always been 'loose.' Return it? Throw it away? Cannot go through another crash. If CD is out of date why was it shipped, and sold by the top comuter supply store? I'm 'hot.'