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    Books on Win XP (SR2)

    Can anyone recommend any good book(s) on Windows XP? I am not an IT professional, just a home user who wants to become an informed user. Also, is Woody planning to write a book on Office XP similar to "Woody Leonhard Teaches Microsoft Office 2000" amd its predecessors? Or is it so similar to Office 2000 that it doesn't need such a book. I see he has already published the more encyclopedic version with Ed Bott.

    Marry Kaplan

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    Re: Books on Win XP (SR2)

    Woody has a Dummy's book and I just noticed that it is NOT on the list at the link shown on the Wopr Homepage. You should be able to find it at any bookstore and I know that has it.

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    Re: Books on Win XP (SR2)

    Hi Marry--
    Easy books to use with some good insight to XP:

    1) Window's XP Home: The Missing Manual by David Pogue Very helpful for you--20% off at the Walk-In bookstores. David Pogue's
    site is here. He has written a number of Windows and
    Apple books for O'Reilly and writes a column called "State of the Art" in Circuits in Thursday's New York Times which is here.

    2) A second good one in your context is Windows XP Annoyances by David Karp and there are a number of XP and Windows tips on the "Annoyances web site" here**See the left pane (like a task pane) for categories. These are always good and have lots of user friendly imfo. At every bookstore and website for books.

    3) Woody's book has some excellent tips and it's at many websites for books, every store in my town, and here on Amazon for $21.

    4) Dan Gookin's Naked Windows XP--Rated PG is helpful.

    5) This is Amazon's XP List with most of them if you want browsing convenience on the web. Ed. The link is correct, but there is a "bug" showing it and if you don't see it just hit Back and scroll to Books and put Windows XP in Amazon's Search--all of the books and 165 more are easily viewed there.

    6) I also like (in most XP sections in Borders and Barnes and Noble if you have them):
    Windows XP Tips and Tricks--Osborne
    The XP Files by Guy Hart-Davis Osborne
    Windows XP Headaches: How To Fix Problems in a Hurry by Curt Simmons Osborne

    All of these are on the Amazon site link I gave you and Files and Headaches are in Borders in my town 20% off for weeks.
    <font color=blue>You don't have to be an IT Pro to easily grab everything in these books, and the authors have been writing Windows books for years.</font color=blue>

    Good luck,


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    Re: Books on Win XP (SR2)

    Besides Woodie's Windows XP for Dummies, I also have Microsoft's Windows XP-Inside & Out, by Ed Bott & Carl Siechert, which is a bit more on the side of the more advanced. As the back cover says, "Hey, you know your way around a desktop-so now dig into Windows XP and really put your PC to work!" Plus it has a CD with tools, scripts,batch programs and an eBook to put the whole thing on your HD for instant reference.
    I recommend it highly. <img src=/S/bouncenburn.gif border=0 alt=bouncenburn width=31 height=31>

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