Hello all yet again

I just upgraded my system to windows XP (don't ask me why, so far it wasn't a good idea but whatever), Anyway, I am playing around with attributes on a test file to learn more about them, I have been able to hide and all the other fub stiff by using XOR to flip the #2 bit. I wonder though, is there a way to completely LOCK the file or folder? What about just render it inoperable until I flip the bit back? Now, will this only work on files or folders as well, I noticed that when I tried to hide a test folder it wasn't a problem, but it was a problem when I tried to unhide it? Does anyone have an explanation for this???

Lastly, I played around with the #4,8,16,32 bits which are System,volume label,directory and archive and they did not seem to do anything to my test file, I am confused as to what they actually do. If anyone can enlighten me as to what these do that would be awesome.

thnx a bunch