I've got an Excel workbook with some sheets with a graph on each sheet. When I click the graph (Chart Area), Copy and Paste Special|Picture into Word manually, the image is 9.23cm high by 15.9cm wide, both showing as 59% of the size. This is ideal, we've been doing it manually for ages and the report is written accordingly.

However, I've now automated it (VBA in Access as it happens as the data for Excel is pasted in from queries in Access), this code for pasting the graphs from Excel to Word:
Set moxlsSheet = moxlsWorkbook.Charts(strSheetName)
mowrdApp.Selection.Find.Execute FindText:=strDest
mowrdApp.Selection.PasteAndFormat wdChartPicture

results in a picture that is 10.37cm high and 15.9cm wide BUT still at 59%. Why is the automatically pasted image taller than the manually pasted one when it's selecting the same thing!!?