In May 2002 I bought a Dell 8200 Dimension, P4, with Epson 1000 all-in-one printer with SmartPanel interface. When I "Copy To Fax" . I have an Action Tec DSL external modem. When I scan a page and send it by fax the recipient alway gets a cover letter whether I check or uncheck the Fax Wizard box for that, and the recipient alway gets an extra blank page which always confuses them.
Has anyone had that problem? Does anyone know where I should start to diagnose this or just plain work around the problem. Believe me i have spent at least 100 hours, faxing, emailing, chatting, going to Dell support center, snail mailing Epson, emailing support at New Soft (SmartPanel creators) etc. Nothing works. Most of them say it is someone elses problem. Epson won't even give a email address for support for this turkey.