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    forms-multiple selections (access 2000)

    i volunteer for an agency & am trying to put their database of 3,000 names & other specific info into a format that will be useful to them. i'm doing everything thru help files & tutorials since i know very little about db's but the data now requires single selections from multiple options (probably combo boxes) mixed in with multiple selections (5) from multiple options (probably check boxes). i'm stumpted now, i can modify the existing form to accommodate mixed selections but unsure about how this will be displayed in a table. can someone point me in the right directon or possibly suggest a different way to handle this?

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    Re: forms-multiple selections (access 2000)

    The simplest design from a beginners point of view is a flat table that looks much like an Excel worksheet, where you have the details about a person and their address, phone or whatever, and then something that indicates whether they belong to a specific group. Those flags are usually bit fields, and there is one for each group so a person could belong one, some or all of the groups. More sophisticated designs may include a table to define all the different groups and then a linking table to connect a person to a group. This design is more complex but has the advantage that you don't have to change table designs each time you add or delete a group.

    I'm a little <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> about your statement that a form is involved and then you wonder how the data would be displayed in a table. In general users should be working at the form level, not at the table level. They can do too much damage there. Can you elaborate a little on how the data is going to be used, and what sort of grouping processes are likely to be used?

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