On a virtually new PC with Norton SystemWorks present, I installed XP. No problems. Installed all undates from the Office Update Site no problems, until SR2. Installed SR2. All modules with exception of Outlook working fine. In the case of Outlook, it works fine so long as it is the active window. If another application is active or if Outlook is minimized the program will stall (e.g. no error) when Outlook attempts to check the mail server. Only CNTL-ALT-DEL will kill it (Outlook is noted as "Not Responding"). I can then restart Outlook (get the window that it needs to report an error to Microsoft) and it works fine until the same fact situation occurs again. I've contacted Microsoft and have stepped through REPAIR and renamed a number of files and done a repair from the CD. The problem continues. I am now faced, I believe, with going back to square one. The Microsoft documentation is unclear regarding "Reinstall Original Version." What I want to do is go all the way back to what's on the CD, but I do want to preserve my Contacts, existing emails, normal.dot, etc. I can export or copy these and bring them back after the reinstall. So ---- two questions: Anyone seen anything like this problem with Outlook? What's the safest/best way to kill SR2 by getting back to the original CD version of the program?