My new Dell 8200 Dimension PC was shipped to me with an internal Conexant HSF V92 56K RTAD modem. I installed an external ActionTec HOme DSL Modem which I use for my AOL internet access. But I have been having faxing problems and when I go into the system to check on the modem connections, I do not see the DSL connection under the control panel. I see under "Phone and modem options" the Conexant modem which is "Not Functionable" and "Communication cable between two computers - Com1.

I know my DSL modem in on Com2.. Why doesn't this show up under the control panel?

Assuming I do want to connect the two computers (my old Gateway 2000) what cable do I need and where do I connect them (USB ports)?

Then, finally (in my wildest dreams), what does BVRP software do for me? Regardless of the system for faxing, if I try to review any fax, I get this error "An error occurred druing reading of the CCITT code" which is a PhotoImpact panel (ULead).

I mean come on folks this system is terrible. It appears the the FAX WIZARD of Microsoft doesn't relate to any of the peripheral software. And the XP system can't even tell you which modem is operating on the PC nor where it is.