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    Media Player and Deleting Playlists


    I have Media Player 7.01 running on Windows 2000 (though I don't think that matters). My question is about playlists. I was experimenting and creating some quick playlists that I decided to later delete. I did so, and they wound up in the Deleted Items Folder of the Media Library view of Media Player, as I expected they would. Then I decided to empty that folder, i.e. completely get rid of the playlists off my computer.

    The help file has a topic "To permanently delete a playlist from Media Library and your computer." Can't get much more specific than that. I followed all the instructions. I click on the Deleted Items folder, then click to select the playlist I want to delete. Then I press the Delete button, just like help says. Unfortunately, all the choices are grayed out, so I'm stuck with the playlist.

    Hardly an important problem, but annoying just the same. Does anyone know a solution?



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    Re: Media Player and Deleting Playlists

    John ~

    Click on Media Library on the far left so you have the view as below. Right-click on 'Deleted Items'. Click 'Empty Deleted Items'. Bye-bye ! <IMG SRC=>
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