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    Automation Send Limiter (2000)

    I have VBA macros that create and send email. If I use Outlook 2000, it prompts each time an email is sent and waits 5sec before you can reply Yes. I create 250 emails at a time. Having to "mother" the process is a pain and a waste of time. I've had to downgrade to Outlook 97 which does not have this "feature". Is there a way to turn-off this option in Outlook 2000/2002 or get-around it?

    Jim Zeeb

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    Re: Automation Send Limiter (2000)

    I believe you are encountering the Object Model Guard, which is a security feature added in a post-Office 2000 SR-1 patch and also incorporated into SR-2. Once installed, it cannot be uninstalled. You could re-install only through SR-1 and stop there, but some product bugs might persist that would otherwise be fixed by SR-2.

    As an alternative, you could download and use Redemption, a DLL that provides another way to manipulate Outlook. Search this board for redemption for more information and the link. You probably can integrate it into your code with a few simple find and replace operations, but if others in your organization use your code, then it could become a big project.

    The object model guard feature is built in to Outlook 2002, too, I believe, but there might be a new way to get around it. I don't use XP, so I couldn't say.

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