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    Outlook Express/Hotmail

    I am moving to a very remote area of Canada and will not have an Internet connection. However, I do need to send and receive email. In preparation, I've set up a Hotmail account, which I intend to check at the library in the town where I will be shopping every couple of weeks or so. I would like to use Outlook Express offline inbetween visits to the library.

    My problem: How do I get my messages written offline in OE onto a floppy so I can take them to the library and send via my Hotmail account? Also, will need to do the reverse - download email from the Hotmail account to a floppy and take back to the cabin to read.

    Can this be done, or is there a better way? How do you get OE draft messages to a floppy? And how do you move unread Hotmail to a floppy?

    Hope someone out there is doing something similar and can provide some advise. Are there other issues I should be considering? Your suggestions will be very appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Outlook Express/Hotmail

    i think you'll need to copy the text to notepad and use that - unless you can set up oe on the library computer (very doubtful on a public computer) or use file > save on each page.

    then when you return, copy you replies from notepad into hotmail.

    hotmail does not allow you to save in any kind of format that can be used in express, unless you use express.

    if you make friends with the locals and can use a private computer, then you can move OE files easily.

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