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    Save changes to what? (word 97, SR 2)

    Whenever I quit Word I have to answer the question "Do you want to save changes you made to AWARE97" or "Do you want to save changes you made to template 1" I have no idea what AWARE97 or template 1 is. How can I get rid of these questions?

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    Re: Save changes to what? (word 97, SR 2)

    Hi Paul:
    They are probably add-in templates that are in your startup folder. I'm not familiar with Aware97, but I'd do the following:
    1. Click an empty spot on the taskbar & press F3.
    2. Make sure that the look in box is your primary hard drive & that "include subfolders" is ticked.
    3. Type
    in the "named" box & search.

    You didn't mention your operating system, but you'll probably have 2 folders to look in. One is a Word startup folder & the other an Office startup folder. Remove whatever is in there (with Word closed) & restart Word. The problem should go away. If you have many templates in there, add them back in 1 at a time, restarting & closing Word in between. That should locate the cause(s). Note, however, that you may have an add-in which will no longer work without that template.

    You should actually be able to see these templates listed under Tools/Templates & add-ins within Word before you do your search.

    It may also be caused by a com add-in, or even a virus. Usually such viruses attack, but not always. You should always run an up to date antivirus program regularly. Com add-ins can be found by going to Tools/Customize/Tools Catagory & dragging the "COM Add-ins" to any toolbar. Then close the Customize dialog box & press the new button. It will list the Com add-ins.
    Hope this helps.

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